Last update 22/07/2021

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If you believe certain factions of the British press we can now return to the pre-Covid normal…NO WE CAN’T! 

As a club we take the health and safety of all of our members and visitors very seriously.  The Captain’s Committee has therefore decided that we should mainly continue with the Covid protocols which were in place prior to 19th July 2021.

We will continue to use only 3 rinks for home matches in order to restrict the number of people at our club at any one time, however, we will revert to using rinks 1, 2 and 3, giving rink 4 a rest whilst we decide how to improve it in the close season.

Members and opposition will be permitted to mingle. The matchday barrier will be removed.

Tea will continue to be provided outside and we request that you only enter our clubhouse when you need to do so. Please do not congregate inside for social chats.

Our sanitising stations will remain in place and we remind all members that it is one of our protocols that you sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the green.

Sanitising the equipment before putting it away remains the same.

Roadmap out of lockdown.

For more details follow the link below.

See for guidance

In order to maintain a safe and Covid-free environment whilst carrying out tasks at Winchelsea Bowls Club it is important that numbers of people attending the Club is monitored. This can only be achieved if we operate a system which enables the Club to be in control of who attends the Club, and when they do so.


  • From Monday May 17th 2021 No more than 30 people can attend the club at one time,
  • Booked attendance only.
  • Graham T is coordinating bookings for maintenance works and practice sessions at the Club.
  • In order to make a booking please contact GRAHAM via EMAIL or via PHONE 01797 226583. Bookings will only be valid once they have been confirmed,
  • Where possible work sessions should take place when at least one of Mike M, Jo M Keith S or Graham T are in attendance. In this way limited access to the club house can be facilitated to allow use of club supplied cleansing products. This situation as above may change at any time due to availability. All members will be informed in due course should the Government regulations change. The facility for refreshments in the club house at this moment is not available due to current COVID-19 regulations.



From the moment of arrival at the club to the moment of departure you are responsible for ensuring that the risk of spreading the virus is minimised. Please therefore wipe or spray all touch points, including whilst entering and exiting the club. THANK YOU.

Our Green and Clubhouse

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